Alibaba Cloud, Microsoft Cloud, Amazon Cloud, GIA, HKT, CN2 optimized network, Android / IOS / Windows / Mac / Router / Linux support.


Access to Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other game-specific network lines, unimpeded play Blackdesert, Rainbow Six, PUGB, battlefield and other popular games.


Quickly search for academic papers on Google Scholar, ScienceDirect, and BASE Search. Use MimiCloud on any devices.


WhatsApp, LINE, Skype, Facebook and Twitter, Gmail, Instagram, Flickr, Netflix, Reddit.


Overseas trade, overseas shopping, free communication, online teamwork and accessibility.

Why choose us?

Global acceleration network connection service point, professional network acceleration CN2 network, high speed and stable acceleration experience.


Advanced TCP acceleration technology, download software can enjoy the high-speed web surfing experience brought by MimiCloud


We ensure that the server runs stably, with load balancing mechanism and intelligent offload acceleration, and full node SLA guarantee.


Only one account can open all your smart devices and run stably on mainstream Windows / iOS / Android / Mac OS operating systems.

For the crowd

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Low latency on Sony PS4, Microsoft Xbox Live, Steam, Battle.net and other PC games such as Battlefield, Black Desert, PUBG, Rainbow Six, World of Warcraft and more.


Watch Youtube, Netflix and Twitch online, and the extra bandwidth allows you to watch 1080P and even 4K videos smoothly.


Easily get design materials at Smashing Magazine, Flickr, DeviantArt and other sites and join programming communities such as Github, Stack OverFlow, Reddit, Android.com


Free communication and cooperation with overseas customers, such as Amazon, Alibaba, ebay.

Chasing star

Follow people you like on Instagram and share your favorite photos with your friends.


Find learning materials on Google Scholar, ScienceDirect, BASE Search, and Amazon A9.

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